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One for the ladies, Patek Philippe’s Gondolo collection has a strong Art Deco feel, collaborating elegance with strong lines and eye-catching design. A hugely iconic range, watches from this range are certain to command some excellent prices with collectors and retailers today.

If you’re looking to sell your Patek Philippe Gondolo watch then our experienced team is here to help. Whether its a 7041R-001 with Mechanical manually wound movement, a dazzling 4972/1G-001 with quartz movement or a 7042/100R-010 encrusted with diamonds and pearls, we have the industry connection and expertise to get you the best possible price.

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Patek Philippe Gondolo 

With its rectangular or cushion shaped case, the Patek Philippe Gondolo offers an Art Deco and femine design that is hard not to love. Not only are Patek Philippe Gondolo watches beautifully designed but they also feature some of the brands signature technologies including complications such as a moon phase display and power reserves of up to eight days. Featuring strong lines, a timeless style and geometric simplicity that gives a contemporary interpretation of the art deco style, the Patek Philippe Gondolo is as desirable now as it was when first introduced. With many Gondolo styles featuring luxurious diamonds and made from platinum and gold cases, it's easy to see why the Patek Philippe Gondolo has become such a popular watch model. To sell your Patek Philippe Gondolo use the below form.